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Black Pepper

Black pepper is defined as a small and unripe fruit of Piper Nigrum, a weak climbing plant, which is dried to be used in the form of spice and seasoning. One of the earliest and the most widely used spices, it smells extremely pungent. In India, its production is largely concentrated in South India and other tropical regions. It is derived from the vine of Piper Nigrum. To get black pepper, the berries from the plant are picked when they are still not fully ripe, fermented and then dried in the sun till the time they dehydrate and turn brownish-black in colour.

Known as the 'king of spices', black pepper has remained the most precious and valuable form of spices in the world. It is the 3rd most added ingredient in food among the wide range of spices. India is one of the largest producers of black pepper, after China and Vietnam. Black pepper has played a pivotal role in India's international trade and it is said that the Europeans came to India primarily for this very spice. A wide variety of black pepper is traded at an international level, with India as one of the top five exporters of black pepper, along with Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil and Malaysia.

Uses of Black Pepper
Black Pepper, being the most oldest spice in the world, is seen both as a taste enhancer and as a medicine. Its importance can be judged from the following points:
  • Because of its strong flavor and aroma, it is highly used as an added ingredient in food to make it tasty and delectable
  • Owing its strong influence on health, black pepper has been used in many traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha
  • Black pepper acts as an antidepressant and also as an antioxidant that helps in lowering the cholesterol level to a great extent
  • The essential oil present in the black pepper helps in relieving muscular pain, fever, etc. and also helps in increasing blood circulation
  • Black pepper also acts as an effective deterreant to insects. When added with a quarter amount of water, it acts as an effective toxin, capable of killing rodents, ants, potato bugs, etc.

Market Scope of Black Pepper
Black pepper accounts for the largest volume of exports in India, accounting for 90% of total pepper production. Since the past few years, India's rise has been on full swing in terms of export of black pepper. Also, the country holds the 3rd  position in the production of black pepper in the world. Some of the major Indian markets dealing in black pepper are Kochi  and Sultan Bethary in Kerala, while Delhi and Nagpur have also emerged as key players in this arena in recent times.