KN Agri Impex

An ISO9001:2008 certified Agriculture food products import export company

Freeze-drying enables us to preserve foods in an especially gentle manner. The process preserves the colours and structures, minerals and flavours. Freeze-dried products taste as good as fresh – and look the same: the natural form, colour, size and consistency of the fresh product are preserved.

Our freeze-drying experience and its associated advantages are available to you on a contract basis operating to the highest standards. We preserve the products that you supply together with their active ingredients – ideal, for example, for functional foods, healthcare products and much more. We will also be pleased to support you in your product development work: we are able to determine the optimal drying conditions for your products by means of trials in our pilot drier.

The advantages of freeze-drying

• High productivity with low product weight

• Problem-free handling

• Long shelf-life without preservatives

• Color and shape are maintained

• Intense flavor

• Maximum retention of components

• Instant rehydration

  Freeze Dried Sapota
  12 Months 
  Freeze Dried Banana
  12 Months 
  Freeze Dried Pomegranate
  12 Months 
  Freeze Dried Kiwi
  12 Months 
  Freeze Dried Apple
  October - February
  Freeze Dried Guava
  October - March
  Freeze Dried Strawberry
  December - February
  Freeze Dried Mango ( Kesar)
  May - June
  Freeze Dried Peach
  June - August
  Freeze Dried Plum
  June - August
  Freeze Dried Dates 
  June - August
  Freeze Dried Garlic Granuels
  12 Months 
  Freeze Dried Sweetcorn 
  12 Months 
  Freeze Dried Red Onion
  November - March
  Freeze Dried Spring Onion
  November - March
  Freeze Dried Green Peas