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Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds or benny seed or benne seed can be described as tiny oval seeds that are flat in their structure and have a nutty taste as well as a delicate crunch. They are the most common forms of seeds produced in the world. The sesame seeds are highly held in the market because of their high content of sesame oil. These seeds come in a variety of colours like white, yellow, black and red.

The seeds of sesame are obtained from 'Sesamum indicum', an annual herb that grows well in hot climates up to a maximum height of seven feet. These seeds mature inside a pod which pop up once they become mature. They are widely used in making bread products, confectioneries, and as a garnishing item.

Types of Sesame Seeds
Sesame seeds can broadly categorized as per the following three types:
  • White Sesame Seeds: White sesame seeds are used in making bakery products and are the most widely used seeds in the market. It needs not be processed can be directly consumed
  • Black Sesame Seeds: These form of seeds are well known for their medicinal properties. They contain at least 60% more calcium than hulled seeds. Their aroma and flavour are also quite well known
  • Brown Sesame Seeds: These seeds are popularly used for oil extraction purpose. These are  non-hulled seeds, and are widely used in cereals, candies, granola, baked items, etc. They are a rich source of protein, iron, calcium and phosphorus.

Health Impact of Sesame Seeds
Sesame seeds are highly beneficial for our health as they contain a number of important minerals and nutrients necessary for the normal functioning of our body. They are a rich source of copper, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, etc. These seeds help in preventing curing rheumatoid arthritis.They also help in preventing asthma, lowering high blood pressure, as well as in preventing colon cancer. Sesame seeds are also highly helpful in improving the sleep pattern in women who are in their menopause period. Other than this, they also help prevent migraine attacks.